Your license needs updating

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If you only have one property, you only need one TV Licence to cover every person and device at that address.If you have more than one property, you may need a licence for each address.Users could skip the two-step process and perform either a direct upgrade or clean install; using just their Windows 7 or Windows 8 product key.Now that the Windows 10 free upgrade offer has ended, Microsoft is making product activation even easier by linking your Digital license to your Microsoft Account.

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Call us on * to buy a Company Group TV Licence or find out more.Just so you know, paying for a TV Licence will make sure all your staff, customers and visitors are covered at your address.Find out more about watching live TV and BBC i Player.Alternatively, you can pay in full by BACS, or by sending a cheque (payable to TV Licensing) to: TV Licensing Hotel & Company Group Licensing Darlington DL98 1TL There are different rules for hotels, hostels, mobile units and campsites. We don’t provide invoices or bills, unfortunately, but one of the following should be suitable as a record of your expense: If we’ve sent you a letter about buying or renewing a licence, it will show the total amount to be paid and explain the purpose of the licence.If you have already paid for a TV Licence, then you will also have a licence online, which you can access at any time.

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