Who is erik estrada dating

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The Estrada episode, which filmed last week, will air at a later date.

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Initially Wilcox was intended to be the show’s star, but Estrada soon became the program’s most popular performer. At the time, Estrada was one of the few Latinos in a leading role on television.

Edit Erik spends a single life for several years after his second married life got dissolved.

On 20th of September 1997, Erik got bonded into a married life for the third time in his life with Nanette Mirkovich. Edit In 1997, he got married to Nanette Mirkovich for the third time in his life and three years later he became father for the third time in his life.

George Lopez unloaded on ex-"CHi Ps" star Erik Estrada with a barrage of four-letter words ...

reigniting a long running feud that dates back to George's teen years.

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