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At the time the Romans arrived the Germanic tribes of the Cimbri and the Teutones had reached southern France and during their annual raiding campaigns even ventured into Italy and Spain.

By that time the Romans had conquered the Mediterranean and started to move north.

While there certainly was a lot of violence involved, evidence indicates that in most situations the newcomers (often less than 10% of the total local population, sometimes as low as 2%) rapidly integrated with the local population.

This in particular was the case where the newcomers settled in Celtic lands; they very rapidly replaced the local culture and language.

The Huns and Avars also created havoc but eventually became part of the Goths, Slavs and Hungarian people.The Saxons (combined eastern Germanic tribes) remained largely independent in north and east Germany from where they together with the Scandinavian Jutes and Angles also moved into Roman Britain and where they became the rulers after the collapse of the Empire.The Frisii also joined in but they stayed largely in their home land, the coastal regions in the north of the Low Country.Trade and other opportunities however, did attract people to the border region.Also people from tribes living further away moved towards the Roman borders.

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