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(3) If the chair of the board of arbitration was appointed by the Minister, subject to subsections (4) to (6), the Minister shall select the method of arbitration and shall advise the chair of the board of arbitration of the selection.

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The fees and charges are imposed on owners of land that is included in the commercial classes or industrial classes within the meaning of subsection 275 (1), or in a class prescribed under clause (11) (b.1).(11) If the aggregate total of the spirits distributed by a spirits manufacturer and its affiliates without charge during a 12-month period described in subsection (5.1) exceeds the amount specified under this section that is exempt from tax, the exemption may be apportioned among them in proportion to their share of the aggregate total or otherwise.(12) If a spirits manufacturer carries on business in Ontario for only part of a 12-month period described in subsection (5.1), the amount of the manufacturer’s exemption from taxation under this section is reduced proportionately. In the preceding production year, the beer manufacturer was not a party to any agreement or other arrangement pursuant to which it agreed to manufacture beer for any other beer manufacturer that was not a microbrewer.(4) Where a member of a board of arbitration appointed by a party or by the Minister is unable to attend the first hearing at the time and place fixed by the chair, the party shall, upon the request in writing of the chair, appoint a new member in place of such member and where such appointment is not made within five days of the date of the request, the Minister shall, upon the written request of the chair, appoint a new member in place of such member.(5) Where a board of arbitration has been established, the chair shall keep the Minister advised of the progress of the arbitration and where the Minister is advised that the board has failed to render a decision within the time set out in subsection 29.7 (6) or within the time extended under subsection 29.7 (7), the Minister may, after consulting the parties and the board, issue whatever order he or she considers necessary in the circumstances to ensure that a decision will be rendered within a reasonable time.

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