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As a result, the company has pursued a more limited market for its Pill Cam: patients who have trouble undergoing standard colonoscopies.The Food and Drug Administration approved the company’s Pill Cam Colon for patients who have experienced an incomplete colonoscopy.Tel Aviv is a cosmopolitan city with a modern and vibrant atmosphere.It is a culinary haven with many restaurants serving a variety of fares.Tel-Aviv was a temporary capital of Israel after the proclamation of the country.The status of the capital was later shifted to Jerusalem after the historic city has been released from Jordanian rule.At that time, analysts expected Given’s approach to grow into a direct competitor with traditional colonoscopy.

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During WW1 many Jews were expelled from Jaffa and Tel-Aviv by the Turks, but they returned after Britain received the mandate for Palestine.

Latvia Lithuania Estonia Finland Denmark Sweden Norway Israel United States Japan Russia Switzerland Poland Germany Hungary Croatia France Italy Belgium Czech Republic Spain Slovakia Greece United Kingdom Mexico Netherlands Ireland Romania Argentina Canada Australia History Tel-Aviv was originally founded in 1909 as a Jewish neighborhood next to the ancient city of Jaffa.

It was first called Ahuzat Bayit, but was later named Tel-Aviv which means “hill of spring”.

Tel-Aviv is well-known for its influence on the Israeli economy, its beaches, nightlife and cultural scene.

It is often called the White City due to its UNESCO-listed Bauhaus era buildings.

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