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She said: 'I had the pleasure of meeting Olivia's mummy a few days ago and I started to cry and gave her a big hug and she said 'stop crying, because Olivia wouldn't have wanted you to cry'.'And then she told me Olivia would have wanted to hear the hits.

We had a different show planned and we had a rehearsal yesterday and we changed everything.' The evening culminated with the stellar line-up on stage, singing a stirring rendition of Grande's recent hit, 'One Last Time', before Grande, 23, broke down in tears as she sung 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' Grande appeared on stage at the Emirates Old Trafford cricket ground in an an oversized white One Love Manchester sweatshirt and seemed overcome by emotion at points as she was joined by a string of musical star Miley Cyrus Cyrus told the crowd: 'Manchester I just had to take a second to look around at all of you.

'It can be the most difficult thing to do, but love conquers fear and love conquers hate and this love that you choose will give you strength and it's our greatest power.'She thanked Ariana Grande for her 'incredible courage and strength' in organising the concert less than two weeks after a bomb killed 22 people and injured dozens of others at the singer's Manchester Arena show.

Perry said: 'Thank you for having me, I'm so honoured and humbled to be here tonight to share and spread the love.'She then urged people to reach out and touch whoever was next to them and say 'I love you' before performing Part Of Me and hit track Roar.

Introducing the group's track Wings, she said: 'The song we have chosen to do for you guys we wrote together a few years ago in the hope it would empower people to stand together and to not let anything bring them down' In a video played to the crowd, Stevie Wonder said: 'I just wanted you to know that I'm with all of you in Manchester. Anyone who tries to make anyone think that things of destruction has anything to do with God or Allah, they're a liar.

Yes, I stand with you Manchester' Justin Bieber used his One Love performance to honour the 22 people who died in the Manchester Arena attack The Canadian pop star led the crowd in chants of 'love, love, love' as he took to the stage to perform Love Yourself and Cold Water Mumford and Sons frontman Marcus Mumford sang 'you are not alone in this' as he performed an acoustic version of the band's hit Timshel to open the One Love Manchester benefit concert.

They say any damage was caused by general 'wear and tear'.

Ariana Grande dedicated an emotional performance to a 15-year-old murdered at her Manchester Arena concert as she told fans, 'her mother told me Olivia wouldn't want me to cry and would've wanted to hear the hits.'The star paid tribute to her fans, including Olivia Campbell, 15, at her One Love concert at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground on Sunday evening as concert goers proudly wore clothes emblazoned with the slogan, 'We stand together'.

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The 50,000-strong crowd held a minute's silence in memory of those who have lost their lives in the last fortnight before the evening culminated with the stellar line-up on stage, singing a stirring rendition of Grande's hit One Last Time - before the 23-year-old broke down in tears as she sung Somewhere Over The Rainbow.But pictures taken today show the cars are actually dumped in the corner of a Berkshire field which is open to the public with broken fences on three sides.At least three cars at the site, which was visited by Mail Online today, had their windows left open, while an open gate led onto a nearby road.I'd like to wrap my arms around each and every one of you and tell you thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having us'Katy Perry called love 'our greatest power' as she urged people to conquer fear in the wake of the Manchester and London Bridge terror attacks.Speaking on stage before she performed at the One Love Manchester benefit concert, the US pop star said: 'It's not easy to always choose love is it, especially in moments like this, right?

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