Dating while separated cheating

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I say this because the true bind that holds a marriage together - the connection, the love, the commitment, has already dissolved.

At that point, the marriage is nothing but a piece of paper.

When two people co-habitate married or not and one dates (have sex or not have sex) they are cheating.

When two people are separated and living in two different homes and one dates (have sex or not) they are NOT cheating. I guess thats all up to how you feel about it, everyone will have their own personal feelings.

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It's kind of hard to say, and much is based on individual beliefs.

If you are thinking of dating someone outside of the relationship, this article will discuss some things you will want to consider prior to taking that step.

In my opinion, with which many may disagree, if you’re separated it is not cheating.

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The relationship has not completely severed, but emotionally you are far apart.

Sex is supposed something very special, private and sacred between a married couple, not passed around like flyers for yardsale. But we decided to wait the year of separation to file instead of going that route as it's a messy court battle for nothing. On a few of those nights she didn't come home till like 6 or 8 in the morning.

OP, it's not cheating to date during the separation. I couldn't date anyone for 2 years after I left my husband. This was unusual for either of us and I was pretty upset about it.

It is understandable to be irate, but do not sacrifice your own well being because of his piss poor choices, and do not let the anger cloud your judgment. If you are ever planning on ending the seperation and remain married to him, then yes it is cheating. Again I personally do not consider it cheating nor do a lot of others.... After three and a half months of not hearing anything from her or my boysno phone call no letters no attorney calling nothing, I did decide to one day I got a call from her , I told her that I was dateing.......

In the 'is it cheating' department, you are being hypocritical. Furthermore, if there are hopes that he would change, they are eneded by the fact he is still with the woman he cheated on you with. But the court Oh my if your husband got dirt on you from a PI. Oh boy what a mistake that hang in there and take care of yourself keep up the post they help to let go....chatting and talking Marriage (we'll include common-law marriage in this as well) is a legal construct that generally confers financial benefits on a couple that isn't otherwise available for two people who are casually dating.

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