Dating someone not affectionate

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There's so many guys out there wishing for women like us and how dumb would you look explaining to friends and family that she left you because you weren't affectionate towards her. We talked marriage and kids, two things I never saw happening for me. I don't think he's cheating, he's not the type, but somehow my priority in his life diminished.

With that went the sweet texts, and comments, lovingly staring into each other's eyes, constant touches, holding hands, and of course, lots of bedroom time.

He wants to be with me forever and cannot imagine being with anyone else. Like I said, this has been an ongoing battle in our relationship.

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The more times we get back together, the quicker things go back to him ignoring me, or only being affectionate when he wants something (affection or sex), and the more alone I feel.

I dont know if i'm strong enough to leave but dig deep into your heart and ask yourself if he ever was able to give you what you "really" need, or was he just in love with the whole concept of committed relationship.

He has now started turning everything that goes wrong and blaming me.

He says i make him work to hard, but all i wanted was him to express his love in other ways than just sex. Reading this has made me sad but knowing there are other women out there like me.

If your man truly knows what you need and is willing to give it, then take time 6 months or so, not living together and make him treat you like the woman you deserve. I pray for the day I can get out of this vicious cycle, he weaves me back into his web with his promises and tears, but it NEVER EVER CHANGES. Please really consider before you move back in or marry him.

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