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This was the first time an entertainment programme had been transmitted in this way in the UK.The original series, which was a serial, was made in black-and-white.Three other children, Paul, Basil and Rosalie, appeared in the original black-and-white serial and in the credit sequence of the colour episodes, but very rarely in subsequent episodes.Part of the show's attraction was that it appealed to adults, who enjoyed the world-weary Hancock-style comments made by Dougal, as well as to children. There are speculations about possible interpretations of the show.but difficult to dub into English", the BBC later produced a version of the series using the original French-stop motion animation footage with new English-language scripts, written and narrated by Eric Thompson, which bore little relation to the original storylines.

Other less well known human characters, only seen on the roundabout itself during the credits, are Basil, Paul and Rosalie. Mc Henry (Jouvence Pio) the gardener who is seen only a couple of times.

In the foreword to the recent re-release of the books, Thompson's daughter Emma explains that her father had felt that he was most like Brian of all the characters and that Ermintrude was in some respects based upon his wife, Phyllida Law.

Other characters included Mr Mc Henry (the elderly gardener who rode a tricycle), Uncle Hamish and Angus (in "Dougal's Scottish Holiday"), and a talking locomotive with a 4-2-2 wheel arrangement and a two-wheel tender.

He is the only bearded character in the show and, despite his name and appearance, is Irish, not Scottish. The set is a brightly coloured and stylised park containing the eponymous roundabout (a fairground carousel).

The programmes were created by stop motion animation, which meant that Dougal was made without legs to make him easier to animate.

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